Max Presenter Count Too Low?

Is there any way around the 10 speaker limit or a way to increase the limit for speakers beyond 10?

Right not we’re trying to run a multi-day event with more than 10 speakers on each day and we’re having to have people jump on-and-off mid-event without being able to test their connections.

We really need a higher limit.

Has anyone found any workarounds or can the limit be increased at all?

Sorry for not seeing this now. I too have this issue all the time. So first just to clarify the limit of 10 is just for those connecting their audio/video. There is no limit for those connecting as Q&A. Last week I ran an event using 14 speakers. ON24 said before that this would not work but it did. I think what ON24 really means is that they cannot guarantee more than 10 but that is my assumption.

I suppose the only workaround is to use something like Wirecast/OBS and then you can have your presenters say on Teams in the background and are able to monitor their connection, you can then bring them in as and when through your layout created within Wirecast/OBS. The Wirecast OBS software then outputs a stream into On24 via the broadcast module or via Virtual Camera. I wouldn’t really go above 10 presenters are your broadcast looks very message and is hard for the audience to know who is talking.

An update from my side. So i can confirm that over 14 speakers everything starts going haywire. We typically stagger the speakers enter/exit which is what you want to avoid. One other workaround it that i learned there is no limit for those connected via the Q&A role. So for those events with more than 10 we always have a short tech dry run in the days leading up to the event to make sure the speakers can connect fine and understand the platform. Then, on the day, we have those speakers who will join later in the program join as Q&A and watch via the media player module. Then, with a few minutes before their turn they log back in as presenter. Those who were presenter earlier and are done log back in as Q&A.